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Light of Day Europe returns on November 24th with LOD shows starting in Oskarshamn, Sweden on November 25 and continuing for a total of 14 shows in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Belgium, England, Wales and Ireland. We are so THANKFUL to all our Presenters who help us organize these shows as well as local/national performers who all perform as a benefit and we do our best to grab them a warm bed, warm meal and some gas money for getting to each city along the way. It's amazing how generous these Musicians and Presenters are. Thank you!

LOD’s roaming troubadours (James Maddock, Gordon Brown/Reagan Richards (Williams Honor), Joe D'Urso and Rob Dye) are once again taking the message of music being a healing power to the streets of Europe from November 25th to December 10th. We are offering up a chance to donate/asking for help for "underwriting" portions of the tour to help with the costs. Partial donations help us along!

We are being proactive/doing our best to keep our costs down as this year will be the first time that once we arrive, we will stay on the ground until we fly back home on the last day. This means more time in Vans but we get to Ferry (Wales to Ireland) and Train/Chunnel (France to England). All with the Vans.

For many years LOD Europe was fortunate to have underwriting from a generous couple and LOD Europe could never have grown without their incredible help. There are so many worthy causes out there and we are extremely thankful to Ken and Anna Zankel for ALL their help over the years!!

All donations are tax deductible and Light of Day Foundation will supply donation letters to all folks who support.

We have listed 4 donation sections: Van Rentals, Hotels, Flights and Various Miscellaneous

DONATIONS: can be made by PayPal at: or by check to Light of Day Foundation.

If you decide to support by check PLEASE let me know so I can mark it down!  

Mailing address: LOD Foundation, P.O. Box 105, Allenhurst, NJ, 07711


VENMO: LOD is working on Venmo, soon, if that is your preferred way you can send to: Joe-DUrso-0 

and I will make sure you get your donation letter/notification from the Light of Day Foundation.

Many, many thanks for any and all help you may lend and please feel free to send over any questions.

All my best,
Joe D'Urso

Light of Day Europe 2023 Tour Director

President of Light of Day Board of Directors


Vans: ($4,450 USD - 18 days - $247 USD a day - 9 passenger van with Cast, Guitars and Luggage)

Sweden - $1,000 USD/ 10,500 SEK
Denmark to Germany - $1,200 USD / 8,225 DK
German Van to Italy/Belgium: $1,300 USD / 1,200 Euro
UK Van - Belgium/England/Wales/Ireland: $950 USD / 760 GBP

Hotels: ($5,467 USD)

Gothenburg: $780 USD / 8,200 SEK

Oskarsham: Sponsored - Thank you!

Malmo - partial donation by hotel - remaining $300 / 3,150 SEK

Copenhagen - Sponsored - Thank you!

Dorphof - Sponsored - Thank you Ras and Petra Berthel!

Melle - Sponsored by Reiner Borgmeyer. Thank you!

Kiefersfelden - $510 USD / 470 Euro

Trieste - $870 USD / 800 Euro

Bagnacavallo - Sponsored - Thank you!

Figino Serenza - 1st night: $760 USD / 700 Euro

Figino Serenza - 2nd night: $535 USD/ 490 Euro 

Metz - $519 USD / 478 Euro

Edegum - Sponsored by Jeffrey Deroeck - Thank You!

Cheltenham - $485 USD / 390 GBP

Leicester - Sponsored by Caz Messenger - Thank You!

Wales - Sponsored by Sam Nayar - Thank You!

Dublin - $708 USD / 650 Euro


TransAtlantic Flights: ($4,168 USD)
Jean Mikle - $587
Joe D'Urso - $713
Gordon Brown - $713
Reagan Richards - $713
Rob Dye - $713
James Maddock - $729

Various Miscellaneous: ($9,835 USD)

UK Work Papers - $430 / 346 GBP (Yes, even for Charity shows!)

Chunnel from France to England - $201 USD / 161 GBP

Ferry - Van Roundtrip Crossing Wales to Ireland - $709 USD / 568 GBP

Per Diem/Meals for Cast Whole Tour - $3,850 USD / 3,550 Euro

Printing LOD Europe T-Shirts (125) - $1,945 / 1,790 Euro

Gas & Tolls for Tour: $1,500 USD / 1,375 USD

Sound Rental - $500 / 460 USD

Parking of Vans Tour - $200 USD / 185 Euro

Local Transportation - $500 USD / 460 Euro


Rockin’ Against Parkinson’s Since 2000 – 23 Years!

Light of Day European Tour 2023

November 25        Strike                            Oskarshamn Sweden

November 26        Medley                          Malmo Sweden

November 27        Bartof Station                 Copenhagen Denmark

November 28        The Upstage                  Dörphof Germany

November 29        B22                              Melle Germany

December 1          Sala Lelio Luttazzi          Trieste  Italy

December 2          Teatro Goldini                Bagnacavallo Italy

December 3          Teatro dell'Oratorio         Figino Serenza Italy

December 6          Hangar 27                      Edegem Belgium

December 7          Smokey Joe's                 Cheltenham England

December 8          The Pavilion                  Leicester England

December 9          Tiffany Café Bar            Llandudno Wales

December 10         Dockers                         Dublin Ireland

13 shows / 8 countries / 3 flights / 1 ferries / 4 vans


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Happy Together 2024
June 20th, 2024
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Light of Day would like to thank all of the performers who have dedicated their talents for supporting our fight against Parkinson's.

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