January 18, 2019

Wonder Bar
Asbury Park, NJ
United States

Doors Open: 6:30 PM
Show Starts: 7:00 PM

Tickets & Information



$16 Cover charge for all attendees (including performers). If you have an LOD combo ticket pass with wristband, admission is free.

Full backline and drum kit provided. Drummers can bring snare, pedal and cymbals. Must bring keyboard if using one.

Please be at the venue at least one hour prior to your set in case things change.


Advance open mic sign up is closed. No new performers accepted. Tentative running order is below. If you cannot make it please notify Rob Dye or Cook Smith.


Please spread the word and share with your friends!


10 minute sets per act.


MS= Main Stage

AS= Acoustic Stage

First two acts are on the Main Stage


Bill McGowan                       7:00           MS

Ken Lipkowitz                      7:10           MS

Nick Puleio                            7:20           AS

David Vargo                          7:30           MS

Fred Rox                                7:40           AS

12 String Thing                     7:50           MS

Kenny Brown                        8:00           AS

Vynt Edge                             8:10           MS

Mary Ann Conway                8:20           AS

DeJay Panelli                         8:30           MS

Barbara Paskin                      8:40           AS

Thor Tollefsen                      8:50           MS

Leander Galimba                   9:00           AS

Angelo and John                    9:10           MS

TBD                                9:20           AS

Poppa John Bug                   9:30           MS

Anya The Well Wish            9:40           AS

Deb and Paul                         9:50           MS

Dan Lee                                  10:00         AS

Out Of Bounds                      10:10         MS

Ron Maletich                         10:20         AS

Howie & Sunglasses   10:30         MS

Mark Arsenault                     10:40         AS

Brian Gillette                         10:50         MS

TBD                           11:00         AS

Bruno Lucarelli                     11:10         MS

Aziz Finney                           11:20         AS

Helen O'Shea                         11:30         MS

Bengt Ekstrom                      11:40         AS

Gil Velazquez                        11:50         MS

Martin Praetorius                   12:00         AS

Sal Boyd                                12:10         MS

Peter Hogklint                       12:20         AS

Adam Bro                                12:30        MS

Mike Gigante                          12:40        AS

Cook Smith                           12:50         MS

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